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    Khwabgah centers provide comprehensive development opportunities to children, adolescents/young adults and their families.

    Initiated in 2007, Ehsaas was evolved from the Integrated Counseling and Testing Center at LNJP hospital when the foundation took the HIV/AIDS infected children/adults in its care and helped them to the best extent possible.

    AOC, a flagship programme since 2000, provides life skill education for in and out of school adolescents. It helps the young appreciate the changes in self and relationships; break myths and take informed decisions. It also helps them recognize their potential as individuals, leaders and change agents.

    The programmes of Foundation are mainly supported by the contribution of Modi Enterprises. Over the years, many national/international agencies, government and corporate have been our partners in reaching out to diverse group of people who were extremely vulnerable to poverty and social exclusion.

Why is it important to accept and respect our bodies for what they are? It is important to accept and respect our bodies completely because the changesthat occur are natural, not within our control and ultimately important for our good health. Therefore, one cannot determine one’s looks one’s height and other changes that occur.