Khwabgah centers provide comprehensive development opportunities to children, adolescents/young adults and their families.

In Khwabgah, at any given time over 1500 children are directly benefitting while over 1,00,000 people are receiving services and support.

Location of Khwabgah Projects : Slums of South Delhi

We partner with

  • Women and men in the communities
  • MCD/local schools
  • Hospitals
  • Local dispensaries
  • NGOs
  • Community Leaders/Pradhans and Police

We address

  • Educational Issues
  • Empowerment Issues
  • Socio-economic Issues
  • Health & Nutrition Issues
  • Community Issues

We Promote

  • Education & Extra Curricular Activities
  • Healthy Living
  • Developing Life Skills & Leadership
  • Community Participation & Action

What do we do?

Facilitate positive changes in the lives of underprivileged children through multipronged activities.

We nurture creativity through

Theatre, Art & Crafts, Sports, Dance, Music, Library Facilities, Exposure Visits & Capacity Building Workshops.

We work with:

Children living under difficult circumstances (4 years and above) specially rag pickers and out of school children.

Khwabgah Impact

Our Educational & Health Programmes have helped:

Improvement in health & nutritional status

  • Weight & Height Gain
  • Improved retention
  • Better sanitary habits
  • Stronger immunity

Behavioral Change

  • More confident, decisive and independent
  • Improvement in team work
  • Decrease in aggression and other antisocial activities
  • Helpful, respectful, punctual and disciplined

Educational Improvement

  • Drop out rate and absenteeism substantially down
  • 90% of children have shown improvement in school
  • Families taking interest in ward welfare
  • 70% children pursue co-curricular activities

Leadership & Community Service

  • Campaigns on hygiene, literacy & gender equality
  • Majority of the children now attend school
  • Improved civic services
  • Community pressure groups

Photo Gallery

Take a look at the events conducted over the years by Khwabgah.