Sexuality & Growing up

What causes changes in the adolescent period?
Why is it important to accept and respect our bodies for what they are?
Why do adolescents get pimples?
Is it bad to have sex fantasies and mood changes during adolescence?
Is it possible to enhance breast development?
What is Masturbation?
Is masturbation harmful?
Is the size of the penis measure of masculinity and virility in a boy/man?
What are nocturnal emissions? Who gets them?
Does nocturnal emission make men weak?
What is white discharge?
Is menstruation dirty?
Is it unhealthy for a woman to bathe or enter a kitchen or play sports during her periods?
How does a woman get pregnant?
Can a girl get pregnant if she has sex only once or a few times?
Does female determines the sex of the baby?
Do alcohol and addictive drugs make it easier to get sexually aroused?
Is sexual intercourse really the best way to express your love for someone?
Is it true that sexual activity during periods is safe; one does not get pregnant if one has sex during menstruation?
Is it wrong to be in relationship with the opposite sex?